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Javac | Vacuum & Refrigeration Progress Technology


JAVAC is Australia's leading specialist in vacuum and refrigeration process technology. Dedicated to the long term, the company invests heavily in research and development. With achievements of: Two Design Awards for innovative high vacuum pumps, runner up for the Prince Phillip Prize for Australian Design, winner of the Banksia Environmental Award for the company's contribution to recycling of refrigerant.

JAVAC regularly accesses and adopts advanced manufacturing processes. This ensures first-rate facilities for services like re-manufacturing pumps and associated equipment calibrating gauges, leak detection and servicing specialist gear such as turbo molecular pumps, mechanical boosters, cryogenic pumps and re-gassing of helium and other refrigerants.

Being a manufacturer, JAVAC has expertise and facilities no one else can provide locally. Our ISO 9001 quality system ensures our specially trained personnel maintain factory specifications for all work undertaken. JAVAC has developed an impressive range of skills in high vacuum technology. These skills extend far beyond the manufacture of high vacuum pumps, JAVAC are able to custom design and build complex vacuum and refrigeration equipment for laboratories and industry.

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JAVAC's competence, consistency and professionalism puts us at the leading edge of this highly exclusive market.

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