JLG launches M.A.P - Managed Asset Program

Supplier: JLG Industries (Australia)
09 July, 2018

JLG is excited to announce the launch of a new service where we can assist with the management of your assets to help you maximise your ROI.

This will include a known and fixed cost, improved equipment availability and just as importantly, provide the owner with the peace of mind that their assets are being maintained by the OEM with genuine parts and factory trained staff.

What is M.A.P ?

It's the latest addition to our service offerings from JLG. The program can go from managing your compliance requirement through to a comprehensive life cycle management program.

What are the options of M.A.P ?

There are many options to the program which can be tailored to suit the individual customer's needs including;

       a. Compliance requirements covering your 3 monthly and annual inspections

       b. Compliance requirements plus annual engine service and filter replacement

       c. Compliance requirements, annual engine service and filter replacement plus non-scheduled                     repairs (referrred to as CPMP)

       d. Finance and CPMP

       e. Finance, residual and CPMP (this would include guaranteed buy-back)

       f. The main purpose is to manage the asset from initial purchase to disposal - (lifecycle                              management)

       g. All equipment in these programs can have Telematics included

What are the benefits of M.A.P ?

Multiple options can be tailored to suit the individual customers needs.

      a. Fixed and known maintenance costs over the term of the agreement

      b. Legal compliance peace of mind

      c. Reduced spend on asset maintenance while having increased fleet availability

      d. O.E.M maintained equipment to manufacturers standards

      e. Reduced invoicing and processing times

      f. Increased identification and focus on customer damage and recharging

What size fleet can M.A.P's apply to ?

Anything from 1 to 5,000 assets

With a full M.A.P, are there any additional costs or exclusions ?


All regulatory servicing and maintenance


Batteries, tyres, customer damage and operator error