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KCES is based in Montrose Victoria and is the distributor for STRAUB products for Australia, New Zealandand and the South Pacific Islands. We stock the whole STRAUB pipe coupling family including:

• STRAUB Grip-L, the axial restraint pipe coupling for all metal pipes which combines performance with economy
• STRAUB Metal-Grip, the ultimate axial restraint pipe coupling for all metal pipes with outstanding performance
• STRAUB Eco-Grip, the axial restraint pipe coupling with the best economy for applications under 6 bar and 40 deg C
• STRAUB Flex and STRAUB Open-Flex, the non restraint pipe joints for all pipe materials
• STRAUB Clamp, the repair clamp for leaking pipes of all materials

We stock STRAUB Pipe Couplings and Clamps in all standard MS and DI dimensions up to DN 1000, as well as tube dimensions and in addition some special dimensions such as for rubber-lined pipes.
Our total product and customer focus enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ most stringent requirements. Pipe couplings are our only business – we are specialists and we are passionate about what we do.
There is no substitute for more than 15 years of experience with pipe couplings and their applications. Product advice, training and documentation are part of our quality service, wherever the product is used.
Our unique pipe coupling concept is backed on over 45 years of experience and continuous development, guaranteeing Swiss quality and value.

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Professional engineering is based on years of experience. Only soundly based expertise creates the right solutions. That's how we generate added value for our customers

Our service culture involves transforming customer wishes into solutions - every day. We take pride in what we do.

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