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Keith Price Machine Tools

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Keith Price Machine Tools

At Keith Price Machine Tools, we provide extensive experienced, Specialised Machine Tool Service on all metal removal machines. We are a market leader in the supply of all direct replacement machine tool clutches and braking systems.

Our comprehensive stock includes electromagnetic, mechanical clutch & brake units, along with replacement clutch plates and slipring brushes to suit most machine tool manufacturers from around the world.

Our service extends to the sourcing of precision high speed spindle bearings, bedway/slideway wiper systems, spare parts of any description & workshop manuals for a comprehensive range of Machine Tools.

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We endeavour to work with our customers in a reliable and cooperative way, and we specialise in offering technical guidance to provide the best solution to your problem.

Our reliable performance in the Machine Tool Service industry over many years has earned us the respect and goodwill of our customers. We are able to supply replacement clutches, slipring brushes & clutch plates for all Machine Tools and most Industrial Machine clutch types

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