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Kentmaster Equipment

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Kentmaster Equipment

Kentmaster is the world's leading manufacturer of the finest quality tools for the meat industry. Kentmaster tools are used daily in the most modern high production beef, pork and lamb slaughter and processing plants the world over.

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In Australia we also provide equipment for the game meat processors, for camel, kangaroo, buffalo, crocodile, rabbits and wild pig. We can offer Hydraulic equipment, Pneumatic (air) tools and electrical equipment to suit all voltage types. Complete lines include Pneumatic and hand held stunners, electric stunners, stimulators, hock cutters, brisket and splitting saws, carcass cleaning Vac San Sanitation system, fat sucker system, spinal cord removal, clippers, shears, stimulators and carcass breaking saws. Our equipment is designed to provide the productivity you require. Also, Our complete line of automated offal processing equipment and custom constructed head tables, snout puller and jaw breaker systems, utilise industry leading and innovative features not found anywhere else. Please visit the 'Company' page for more details on Kentmaster.

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