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King Pipe Rack – Flow Rack.

Supplier: King Materials Handling

Today we look at a really versatile product, the King flow rack

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Flow Rack is, as its name suggests, a series of tubes and connectors which, when combined, form a rack of almost any shape and size. It is most commonly used to hold plastic tubs, and mostly to allow those tubs to be placed into the rack from one side. Because it is fitted with angled rollers, it allows the tubs to flow through to the front where an operator can retrieve parts from them. These parts are most often required in production lines. So when the operator needs say a 13mm bolt x 40mm long, he knows it is always in the same place in the rack, which might have 4 – 10 tubs wide and three or four shelves high. If the operator is a newbie, then he looks at the sign under the tub, which may also have an outline drawing of the item, so that he can double-check the size.

When the contents of the tub are gone, the tub is placed on the top shelf, which has rollers or a slide at the reverse angle allowing the empty tub to flow down to where the person placing the full tubs in the Flow rack. From here they can also retrieve the empty tubs for re-filling. This is called 'first in / first out,' and it ensures that older product is always used up first. It also means that the person filling the flow rack can stay out of the way of the operator, so a forklift driver can operate behind the rack, keeping the production area safe. Flow Racks can also be on castors so that they can be wheeled to any new location or simply moved for housekeeping purposes.

Pipe Racks are very versatile. They can be built up to make just about any type of racking for storage, using back boards for holding tools and shelves. They can have lights fitted overhead and even tool drawers, making them very versatile. So, next time you are contemplating building a rack or shelf, consider the King Pipe Rack. It is as versatile as your creative mind.