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The TITAN Tow Tug is one of those products which many companies need to use, but to date were put off by the price.

King has beaten all comers with their low price offering, thereby eliminating the excuse that pushing and pulling heavily laden trolleys, other than by hand - was too expensive.

In many warehouse picking operations, it is in fact cheaper to pull along a string of flatbed trolleys using the TITAN, than it is going back and forth with one trolley.

The modern tiller which incorporates thumb operated speed controls, enables the TITAN to go from slow crawl to fast walking speed. The tiller height range accommodates the shortest to the tallest.

Two large pneumatic tyred wheels, cushion the load, whilst the castors steady the tug. A quick hitch to any type of wheeled trolley is readily available.

The TITAN comes equipped with Emergency Stop, Key Switching, Battery Charge Indicator, and Auto Reverse Emergency Pad. Two twelve volt gel cell batteries and inboard charger are also incorporated.

Maximum capacity is 1000 Kgs, so there is no longer any excuse for any person to be straining to move any wheeled trolley, trailer, caravan or boat.

King can supply the complete Tug + Trolley package if you prefer, and can even set up a lease plan for you to preserve capital.

Used in Nurseries, Warehouses, Boat & Caravan Yards, Glass Suppliers, Printers, Supermarkets, Hospitality, Hospitals, Breweries, Laundries, Airports and many more places.

The TITAN is better insurance than an injured back claim, and more cost effective. Be pro-active. Solve the problem before it leaves you with an injured worker, a claim, mountains of paperwork, re-training or replacement costs and on going bills.

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