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Klinch Tool Tethers

Klinch Tool Tethers is a revolutionary new system for connecting tools when working at heights. The system is designed to keep tools connected at all times and reduce the risk of tools being dropped on persons or property below. Klinch system saves time in retrieving lost tools and saves money in replacing tools that are lost or damaged. The Klinch System reduces risk of injury to workers below and risk of damage to property or structures below. It also reduces time lost to shutdowns as a result of damage from falling tools or lost tools.

Who is using Klinch? The system has many applications areas where it is currently being used include: scaffolding and rigging, underwater diving, roofing, mining, window cleaning, signage installation and maintenance, food production, the wind turbine indust...the list goes on. What makes the Klinch system so innovative and different? The Klinch system is the best system for securing tools at height.

In addition to producing and manufacturing our Klinch products Rocka Devices also provides consultancy services to innovators and product development companies. We have a vast variety of skills and experience in all the different facets of researching, developing and successfully marketing products, and we enjoy assisting others in bringing their dreams to reality.

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Klinch is a new revolutionary system in tool safety. The system allows you to safely and securely carry and use tools at heights and manage tools effectively.

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