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Kontron helps leading OEMs and systems integrators to significantly reduce their time-to-market to gain a competitive edge. Kontron designs and manufactures innovative building blocks capable of supporting numerous applications for today‘s networked infrastructure. Our broad portfolio of products includes Computer-On-Modules industry standard COM Express, PCI, ATCA, CompactPCI, ePCI-X and VME board-level solutions, open platform communications servers, industrial-grade rackmount solutions, Human-Machine Interface (HMI) systems, and mobile rugged computers. Kontron products are designed to withstand higher temperature ranges, shock, vibration, moisture, dust and electrical noise; all of which are characteristic of embedded computing applications. Kontron solutions can be found at work in a wide range of industries and applications.

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Although Kontron‘s wide array of standard product designs offer alternatives that can span the requirements of most applications‘ configuration scenarios, we also provide in-depth design support for custom tailoring of products to meet specific application requirements unique to our customers‘ situations. Kontron has an extensive knowledge and experience in different leading edge technology areas. We are one of the most experienced developers and producers in the industry of:

- Processors boards – just to name a few: Latest Intel® x86 and XScale, Strongarm, XScale, PowerPC, Geode
- Operating systems – Windows 2000/XP, Embedded XP, Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, OS-9
- Form factors – DIMM-PC, PC/104, ETX, X-board, E²Brain, cPCI, PCI, PICMG 1.0, PICMG 1.2(ePCI-X), VME, 3.5" and 5.25" SBCs
- Housings 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 6U,...
- Connectivity – Fieldbus interfaces, network interfaces, new technologies like WLAN and Bluetooth, …

Using the above-mentioned building blocks of different leading technologies, Kontron is able to tailor each of the standard products and systems to your needs - but always strictly committed to open standards. Another important aspect of systems, as well as pure boards, is the performance. Performance is not only the pure hardware performance, but also the board support package, the BIOS or the drivers. At Kontron, all of these components are developed in-house. We offer you, our customer, your system delivered ready to use. That means you can concentrate on your core know-how - the application itself. No matter what the underlying hardware and software, we do the job for you.

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