Large transporter tanks

Supplier: Global Rotomoulding By: Noelene Bellette
24 June, 2011

Global Rotomoulding produce a range of transporter tanks for water spray and fertiliser.

Simplicity in innovation is offered in the design with the availability of a range of options to suit a variety of needs.

Global's larger tranporter tanks are designed with the following key features.

Separately moulded feet provide the strength of dual skin moulding, this allows for greater curvature of the tank which improves the tank drainage. The smooth internal surface makes the tank easier to clean.

Options include: (these need to be requested when placing an order) 

  • Various outlet options
  • Low level sump with 2" oulet.
  • Water holding tank for hand washing etc in the foot section of the tank.

A baffle bone system is also available which provides a unique solution to water suppression and assist with the reduction of water movement while braking and turning.

The large transporter tanks are designed in a range of sizes these include 5000, 7000, 11000 and 13000, litres. A 10000 litre is also available in a different design.

Obtain a newly released product brochure from Global to see the comprehensive information on Global's full range of transporter tanks.