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Leakage Current Transducer

Supplier: Shenzhen Sensor Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Our leakage current transducer has the function with its output isolated from input.

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It can be applied to test 1 phase AC microampere or milliampere current; for example, it can be used to test lightning conductor and other electrical leakage of various electrical equipments.

  • High accuracy: The error will not exceed 50uA
  • Hole-thru input: It is convenient to install.
  • High overload capacity: It can accept heavy current input which is up to 2000A and it can work in high voltage environment. Successfully avoid the weakness of wiring-type.
  • Single power supply: The transducer needs only single power supply and power supply deviating will not affect its work.
  • High stability: The transducer adopts a lot of shielding measures which effectively suppress the interference to ensure the accuracy and stability.
  • The transducer has good temperature characteristics. The output drift is less than 400 ppm for every degree of temperature changes.
  • Comparative with traditional Hall Effect magnetic balance principle, the transducer has smaller zero drift features.
  • The input, output and power supply of the transducer adopt surge restraining measurement. It makes the transducer meet surge immunity class 3 of < IEC61000-4-5(GBT17626.5)>


  • High safety: Non-contact input makes its up to 35KV isolation withstand voltage (for non-naked wire). Greatly improves its safety.
  • Product:1 Element AC leakage current transducer
  • Series: CE-IJ03
  • Rated input: 0~0.5-100mA AC
  • Rated output: 0-5VDC; 0-20mA; 4-20mA
  • Output ripple :<10mV
  • Accuracy: 1.0%
  • Linearity range: 0-120%
  • Input overload capacity: 5A AC (5 times/sec)
  • Response time: ≤300ms
  • Isolation: 35KV DC/min
  • Operating temperature: -20?~+70?