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M2M Connectivity

M2M Connectivity | Wireless M2M Hardware & Support Services

M2M Connectivity

M2M Connectivity, established in 2002, is a specialist wireless component distributor for Australia and New Zealand. We provide wireless connectivity hardware and support services to developers to enable them to bring wireless M2M products to market quickly.

M2M Connectivity support a range of leading wireless brands covering most main wireless M2M technologies including:

• Sierra Wireless – AirPrime modules for UMTS/HSPA and CDMA RevA
• Sierra Wireless - AirLink Programmable Gateways (modems)for 3G /Next G and GSM/GPRS with optional boards for additional features e.g. Ethernet, GPS & IO
• Maestro Wireless Solutions – GSM/ GPRS modems and optional boards for add-on features such as Ethernet.
• connectBlue – Bluetooth, WLAN, Zigbee & Ethernet modules/modems
• Globalstar Simplex – low cost one-way satellite
• Orbcomm Satellite /Stellar & Quake - 2 – way messaging modules/modems
• Iridium Satellite / Quake - Short Burst Data modems with optional GPS and cellular technologies

M2M Connectivity has a strong understanding of the underlying business models for M2M. By maintaining a strong network operator contacts and knowledge of their M2M and mobile data groups, we are able to support developers aiming to sell into operators and/or obtain network approvals.

To our customers, the developers and system integrators, we offer high level technical support both on the wireless hardware we supply, as well as the wireless connectivity issues that almost always arise in wireless applications.

If it is wirelessly connected we can help.

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M2M Connectivity specializes in supplying a broad range of wireless M2M modules and modems to the Australian/New Zealand developer and integrator community.

We distribute only the leading brands in the wireless M2M industry including companies such as Sierra Wireless, Maestro Wireless Solutions and connectBlue.

M2M Connectivity is also active within many government supported organizations including ITS, Mobility Victoria, Queensland Mobility Cluster and IAP.

The key segments in which we support wireless developers include:

• Medical monitoring Wireless Broadband
• Telemetry
• Automated meter reading for utilities
• Point of Sale machines
• Environmental and agricultural monitoring
• Vehicle/asset tracking, fleet management and telematics
• Safety and security monitoring

M2M Connectivity does not develop applications for its own account so we are never in a position where a customer for a M2M module or modem could view M2M Connectivity as a competitor.

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