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Australis can design and manufacture machine guarding that is customised to fit your equipment and application and compliant with Australian standards

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Workplace Health and Safety

On 1 January 2012, all Australian states signed up to new Commonwealth legislation that 'harmonises' Workplace Health and Safety legislation (WHS). As a result, all PCBUs (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) and their "Officers" (supervisors, managers and upwards), now have a direct primary responsibility for managing WHS risk. The new test for managing risk is "what is reasonably practicable" under the legislation which may include:

  1. What is the liklihood of harm?
  2. What degree of harm may occur?
  3. What is known about the hazard and how to eliminate it or minimise it?
  4. Are there suitable ways to eliminate or minimise the risk?
  5. Cost is only a factor if it is grossly disproportionate to the risk!!!

These are signficant changes if you are a PCBU or an "Officer" under the legislation. But the good news is help is to hand - Australis can assist you to meet these WHS obligations through "Isolation" and "Engineering" by using MACHINE GUARDING  that complies to relevant Australian standards.

Retrofit to existing equipment or custom designed for new equipment

When you need Machine Guarding, you need flexible options to customise a guard to suit your existing, in-situ machinery. If you are an OEM or Machinery Importer we can also design a machine guard to fit your own machinery and fit with your safety, design and budgetary requirements.

Machine Guard track record

Australis has over 15 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of Machine Guarding systems. Our solutions can be made as simple or sophisticated as you require, and can be integrated with your existing electrical safety system.

Our team of engineers and tradespeople can help to design and manufacture a fully customised machine guard system, that is made using high quality Alusic aluminium profile. Alusic profile originates in Italy and has received the European quality stamp of approval - the TUV certification.

Customised to suit your application

Australis will custom design a machine guard to suit the specific requirements of your equipment. By combining modular sections a complete assembly can be designed quickly and simply. Panels including clear polycarbonate, solid composite materials or steel mesh can all be accommodated within the extruded aluminium profile sections resulting faster fabrication times. Panels can be custom designed to allow safe access to machine controls or for cleaning and maintenance.

Electrical safety

We can incorporate an integrated electrical safety system to your machine guarding that includes machine controls, e-Stops, lock-outs and light curtains etc.

Patented quick release system

Any machine guarding solution needs to be mindful of your ongoing service and maintenance requirements. Many systems require cumbersome and time consuming panel release systems requiring 2 or more people to physically remove and reinsert a panel in order to clean or maintain the underlying equipment. The Alusic system usese a patented quick release panel system. The Alusic safety release system is an innovative catch which allows for the rapid and safe removal of aluminium safety panels surrounding your machines or safety cells.


  • Quick release/ refit using a standard allen key
  • Panels will automatically pop-out once catches are disengaged - no more pushing and pulling to remove the safety panel
  • Impossible to refit the panels in the wrong position
  • Impossible to lose the patented fix pin system
  • Easy visual inspection to ensure the safety panels are correctly installed
  • Integrates easily with electical safety interlock switches
  • Compatible with all Alusic aluminium profiles and most other profiles - meaning you can retrfit the system easily to your existing panels

Our clients

Australis has recently provided machine guard solutions for GSK, Broens, Tru Blu Beverages, Australian Bakels and SEW Eurodrive to name a few. We are proud to say that most of these customers are multiple, repeat clients.


Machine guards - retrofit to existing machines, or customised for new OEM equipment