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Magnattack Global

Magnattack Global | Magnetic Separation Equipment for Food Safety

Magnattack Global

Magnattack™ Global specializes in the manufacture of magnetic separation equipment, designed to increase food safety, brand protection, and prevent product recalls resulting from foreign metal contamination.

With half a century of hands-on experience, Magnattack™ Global are experts in foreign metal fragment control. Together with their growing distributor network, Magnattack™ is devoted to improving food safety across the globe by minimising the risk of metal contamination.

Magnattack exports worldwide and offers technical support and back-up.

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We are experienced designers and manufacturers of RE80™ magnetic separation systems for the food and beverage industry worldwide.

We have a strong focus on quality, and ensure that our service and magnets are of the highest standard.

Our magnets are certified by HACCP International and conform with Food Safety Standard 0909MAGSEP 1-2010. Selected models carry USDA Dairy Acceptance, including the RE80™ Teardrop Probe which was first introduced to the market in 2014.

Please don't hesitate to contact us - we look forward to working with you to increase your metal fragment contamination controls.

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