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MARTOR Australia

MARTOR Australia | Safety Knives and Cutters

MARTOR Australia

MARTOR Australia is the sole distributor for MARTOR Safety Knives, Cutters and Blades in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. We are the leading experts in knife safety in the workplace in Australia.

We provide a wide range of safety knives including:

• Concealed Blade Cutters
• Fully Automatic Blade Retraction Knives
• Automatic Blade Retraction Knives
• SOS Emergency Cutters
• Metal Detect Plastic (MDP) Knives and Cutters
• Safety Scissors

We also provide cutters and speciality knives including:

• Utility Knives
• Graphic Cutters
• Artwork Cutters
• Scrapers
• Deburring Cutters

Our products can be used for numerous cutting tasks, and on a wide variety of materials, such as multi-ply cardboard, paper, plastic strapping band, tape, bagged goods, shrink film and plastic-wrapped pallets.

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MARTOR Australia has been the proud partner of the MARTOR company in Solingen, Germany for over 25 years, importing the world's highest quality safety knives, cutters, blades, and scissors directly to the Australian and New Zealand market.

MARTOR Australia's sole focus is on one very important product - Safety Knives.

With a collective 50+ years staff experience and knowledge of safety knives and the safety knife industry, we are the leading experts in knife safety in the workplace in Australia. There isn't a cutting issue that we cannot assist you with.

Our services include:


Do you need specific help in selecting products? Or would like to place an order? Our competent customer advisors will take care of you in this and any other matters - on the phone, by fax or by e-mail.


Our customer service advisors will also provide you with product specific media, which will give you further information. We can provide free of charge catalogues, brochures, safety posters, Technical Data Sheets, product videos, etc.


Are you having a problem with cutting and are looking for a customised solution? It‘s also possible that our sales representatives will help you directly by visiting your workplace.


On-site support, training and instruction sessions are user specific - for an even more precise handling of our cutting tools.


After consulting us, you will usually know which cutting tool fits best to your needs. Now you also want to hold it in your hands. As soon as you have placed your order, we quickly start processing to ensure a fast and reliable delivery.

Whether in person, by phone, email or the internet we are never far away from you to answer your enquiries and requests and to assist with your workplace safety.

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