Nano Testing with Hylec Controls

Nano Testing with Hylec Controls
Nano Testing with Hylec Controls

Conventional mechanical testing of metallic and non-metallic materials has used either universal test machines which measure the strength and mechanical properties of materials.

Another technique employed is the use of hardness testers where material is indented with a fixed force and the size of the indentation to give a measure of the hardness and strength of material.


In recent years...

Many components from jet turbine blades to artificial joints and medical devices use components that have a very thin coating to make the materials resistant to high temperatures on mechanical wear. The testing of these films requires a totally different approach using machines that offer a nano-mechanical and nano-tri-biological methods. The types of tests these machines can perform include; both static and dynamic nano-indentation, nano-impacting fatigue, nano-scratch, nano-wear and nano-fretting.


Applications include:

  • metals
  • hard-coatings
  • ceramics
  • composite materials
  • micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS)
  • thin films and polymers



These machines can be used by temperatures up to 1000°C and down to -40°C, with the sample and probe immersed in liquids in reduced oxygen and purged conditions, control humidity levels and vacuum.

Loads between 3nN and 500mN are possible. The displacement resolution between .002Nm and positioning accuracy of 0.4Mm.

These machines allow the testing and development of new films and materials in the lab where as in the past, such testing had to be performed in field testing which is both expensive and time consuming. The machines extend the range of UTMs and hardness testers down almost to the atomic level. While these machines are expensive the cost can be justified by the savings in cost and time of new product development and greatly enhances the understanding of new materials.

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