Soil Testing

Soil testing is used in the agricultural sector to maintain the health of soils and provide a foundation for sustainable agriculture. In the building sector it is used to determine that the area is suitable for construction, and to select the proper type of foundation. Soil testing service providers can undertake a range of soil tests, such as particle size distribution tests, which determine the relative proportions of differing grain sizes within a soil and compaction tests, which determine the optimum moisture content to achieve a maximum density. Consolidation tests establish the settlement potential of fine grained soil, while direct shear tests measure the peak shear strengths of a soil. Constant and falling head permeability tests determine the hydraulic conductivity of coarse and fine grained soils.

Construction Materials Testing & Wastewater Evaluation
Earth Test is a construction materials testing laboratory that also offers a wastewater evaluation and design service. Earth Test was originally set up to specialise in house site investigation and wastewater design. We added a geotechnical drilling rig and now offer a full range of tests for soils, aggregates and concrete. All sized systems are catered for from a small domestic system to a ...
Environmental Assessments & Impact Reduction Programs
Porta Environmental offers a range of services, including Land Capability Assessments for onsite waste-water/effluent disposal both within Victoria and New South Wales. We also offer a range of environmental home and office assessments; project management; environmental impact assessments; environmental impact reduction programs; basic water sampling and testing and monitoring. Porta ...
Geotechnical Engineering Services
Tasman Geotechnics provides a range of geotechnical engineering services to a variety of clients, including individuals, local governments, other engineering consultants and the mining industry.