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Nordiko Quarantine Systems

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Nordiko Quarantine Systems

Nordiko is an Australian company that specialises in providing innovative cargo fumigation solutions for the shipping industry. We offer a unique fumigation solution that are both environmentally friendly and safe to operate.

Nordiko can help your business:

- Significantly reduce the toxic gases used as fumigants.
- Streamline the process of fumigation.
- Eliminate the need for both fumigated at the port of loading and unloading.
- Reduce the duration of fumigation and ventilation combined.
- Ensure that the process of unpacking is safe.
- Solve the problems of hygiene and safety and the environment.

For decades, fumigation has involved the release of highly toxic substances into the atmosphere. This has often been performed under less than ideal conditions, considering the toxicity of the substances used.

With encroachment of urban development upon working wharves and depots, the potential for exposure to the public in addition to employees in the workplace increases.

In addition to servicing the fumigation market, Nordiko has adapted its products for companies wishing to ventilate or recapture any residual gases that may be inside shipping containers, post-fumigation.

Prior to unpacking imported shipping containers, many customers now see the benefit of ventilating the container using one of Nordiko’s systems, to ensure there are no unsafe gases remaining inside the container. This provides both OH&S and environmental benefits

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This Award was established by the US EPA in 1990 acknowledging "exceptional leadership, personal dedication, and technical achievements in protecting the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer".

Nordiko has been recognised for its efforts in reducing the release of ozone-depleting gases, using its range of Australian-developed fumigation and recapture systems, which trap harmful gases that can otherwise erode the ozone layer.

Nordiko is the major supplier of this type of equipment to Belgium – the first country on earth to mandate its use.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the Nordiko technology has very significant occupational health and safety advantages, according to Nordiko’s Managing Director, Ken Fitzpatrick.

"By preventing the release of environmentally dangerous and highly toxic gases to areas where shipping containers are handled, this technology allows a much higher level of workplace safety, compared to existing practices", Fitzpatrick notes.

The Award was presented to Nordiko in Washington DC on the 19th of May 2008, and was accepted by Nordiko’s Technical Director, Ken Brash.

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