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Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark | Diesel & Industrial Solutions

Norman G. Clark

Norman G. Clark is an Australian owned and operated business with a long and remarkable history. Established in Melbourne, Victoria in 1919, is a distributor of diesel and industrial products. We manufacture, import and distribute an extensive range of diesel engine accessories and industrial equipment.

Norman G. Clark Product Offerings

The main products we supply are as follows:

• Horton fan clutches
• Nexen industrial clutches, brakes and tension control equipment
• Deublin rotating unions
• Nett exhaust purifiers and catalytic converters
• Flight Systems engine protection systems
• Horton diesel engine cooling fan blades
• Oblan engine air intake pre-cleaners
• Tension Control
• Linear Motion Control
• Web control systems
• FMS belt scales
• Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
• Conveyor rollers and components
• Haul Truck Suspension Struts
• TecsPak General Bumpers

Horton fan clutches and Nexen industrial clutches, brakes and tension control equipment are manufactured by us in Australia under license from Horton and Nexen respectively.

We manufacture some products within the ranges ourselves; while others are imported complete and ready for use. We also assist in maintenance and repairs of all products.

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