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Novaris | Global Solutions in Surge Protection


Novaris has designed and manufactured lightning and electrical disturbance protection systems since 1993. We specialise in the protection of power and data signalling. Our products are in use locally, nationally and internationally, and we are now world leaders in lightning and surge protection technology.

At our Australian headquarters we operate a full time research and development group, employing professional engineers, technical officers and drafting support staff. Our testing laboratory is capable of generating and measuring simulated lightning impulses in accordance with world power and telecommunications standards. We also have offices and distributors throughout Australia and worldwide.

We design, supply and provide advice on structural lightning protection and earthing systems for all structures in accordance with recognised world standards. Our products range from main switchboard and distribution board surge protection, PLC and control system protection, to RF coaxial cable and telecommunications protection.

Our quality, performance and reliability is second to none.

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Novaris is a market leader in adopting a ‘Systematic Approach’ to lightning and surge protection and is committed to providing a ‘Total Lightning Protection Solution’.

We meet our customers’ needs through innovation in design and manufacture. No matter what your industry or requirement, Novaris can provide the expertise to engineer a surge protection solution for you. With a full time R&D team employing engineers and technical officers Novaris can offer complete lightning and surge protection recommendations from on-site surveys and technical analysis.

We actively seek consultancy work ranging from the supply of our own surge protection products to project management applications involving packages, which may include our own products and expertise along with the best technology available throughout the world.

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