Offset Discs, a range designed by farmers for farmers

Supplier: Delmade Pty Ltd
27 November, 2019

Introducing the Delmade Offset Disc Range.


The Delmade Offset Disc was built out of the common need for an Offset that would dig deep and provide a superior finish. Built by farmers for farmers this range answers to every need from heavy-duty frames to prevent cracking, oil bath bearings for incredibly long life and low maintenance, to flotation tyres for use in boggy conditions. The Delmade offsets are world-class in their design, engineering and manufacture.

At Delmade we understand that soil care and preparation is critical to promoting high germination and yield rates, that's why it's important your tillage implement is designed to provide the best seedbed for your crop. Delmade Offset Discs have been specifically designed to take care of your soil and this is what really sets them apart.


A champion crop requires a champion seedbed and a champion seedbed requires a champion finish. The Delmade range of Offsets are specifically manufactured to provide a consistent and even finish. It's this finish that will improve yield and germination rates through an increased seed to soil contact, better soil water retention and drainage and a deep dig to eliminate top-level compaction. Make the first cut, the final cut. Start letting your Offset do the hard yards in soil preparation.

  1. Legendary Delmade oil bath bearing unit
  2. Gang axle nut complete with cap and locking washer
  3. Rear drawbar
  4. Hydraulic cylinder transport locks
  5. Durable sandblasted and powder-coated finish
  6. Field maintenance toolset
  7. Depth Guage
  8. Parallel lift
  9. Long-life greaseable pin eye hydraulic cylinders
  10. Pole, implement stand
  11. Flotation tyres
  12. Fully adjustable pole
  13. Fully adjustable gangs (no U-bolts or clamps)
  14. Australian Made Quality

The Delmade Bearing unit can rightly be described as one of the secrets of the success of the Delmade Offset. All Delmade Offsets are fitted with unique oil bath bearing units specifically manufactured to Delmade's specifications.

These unique Delmade Bearing Units have the capacity to withstand extreme radial and axial shock loads through the bearing and the ability to keep foreign material away from the tapered roller bearing giving exceptionally longer bearing life.

The success of this sealing system is shown by its use in other adverse applications such as the Track Rollers on Dozers and Excavators.

Extra happy with the disc, the long-life bearings are very good, maintenance has been low, and the frame is very strong... I do a lot of forestry work, which can be very harsh. 

In fact one day, I hit a stump and it pulled the tractor up. I got out to inspect the damage and there wasn’t a mark on the disc!” 

Barrie Falls, Forestry & Agriculture Contractor Winnaleah Tasmania


Delmade Offset Discs are available in two main configurations the Rigid Gang and the Folding Gang. The Rigid Gang range is focused on the needs of users who are not governed by transport width constrictions. These units go up to a working width of 7 meters. The Folding Gang range is designed for users who require a transport friendly machine that will lockdown with no hassle when ploughing. Both machines leave an excellent level finish with no ridging.


875 Series, 32 Plate Offset

The Delmade Rigid Gang Discs are available in an offset configuration and range from 16 to 52 plates. The Rigid Gang Range has been built by focusing on the needs of the user who requires a heavy-duty machine that's simple to set up and able to give an even, non-ridging finish. Over the years these units have been developed into a MK II range with thousands of units proven in the field in a wide variety of Australian conditions from the north of Queensland to the south of Tasmania.

The Rigid Gang Series also features the transport friendly 30 plate range. The Delmade 30 plate, available in the 750 and 850 Series is designed for hassle-free transport on public roads. This machine has been specifically designed with a transport width just under the road limit, making certain you can avoid costs such as a pilot car and permits. If you are going to be moving your Offset Disc from property to property or need to use road access, then you can rest easy knowing you're complying with law with the transport friendly 30 plate.

Had it for 12 years now... had a faultless run and I am very happy with its performance and reliability.”

Neil Atkins, Tasmanian Farmer


1057SP Series Folding Offset Disc, 52 plate

The Delmade Folding Gang Range was introduced after building the Delmade Rigid Gang Range for a number of years. We had requests from contractors and large farms that were after a large transport friendly machine that would have the same strength and reliability, and the same offset configuration complete with our long-life bearing system. They also needed a simple, hassle-free lockdown system for the wings that would not need constant readjusting and maintenance. The Folding Gang Range features a strong and reliable folding gang which locks in place during use to provide an even, non-ridging finish.

We run a large cattle, sheep and forestry enterprise in the Highlands of Tasmania.  With steep, heavy black volcanic soil and rock and virgin country, we needed machinery to suit our needs. With Delmade as our choice after careful consideration and their ability and willingness to custom make a heavy duty set of offsets to go behind the dozer.

Since the purchase of the two sets of Delmade Offsets it has reduced our downtime and maintenance costs. This increased productivity and ease of in the field easy adjustments and trouble free oil bath bearing design. I would have no hesitation in recommending these products. In the event you require after sales and spare parts support you can always rely on a personal speedy response from the Delmade Team!”

Tom Shoobridge, Managing Director Cleveland Pastoral


Do you want to be the best in your field? The Delmade Range of Offset Discs are expertly designed and ruggedly engineered to be the best in every field. Choose a Delmade Offset to take care of the hard yards in your ploughing program. They say once you have a Delmade you have it for life!

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