Once you lose your hearing it's gone forever

Supplier: 3M Safety & Graphics
01 September, 2017

Noise is everywhere, and much of it can be harmful to your hearing.

Exposure to loud sounds, greater than 85 dBA over a period of 8-hours, can cause permanent hearing loss, as well as tinnitus and other health effects related to noise such as stress, anxiety, hypertension, sleep disturbance and fatigue.

Hearing protection is a must in noisy high-risk work environments, however the use of hearing protectors can at times be compromised due to the need to communicate with co-workers and the need to be aware of your environment with the ability to hear sirens, warning signals, etc. The concern is that when you lift normal earmuffs, or remove ear plugs to talk to someone, it defeats the purpose of using them at all.

Once you lose your hearing it’s gone forever. Level dependent, noise attenuating communication headsets provide key benefits for personal safety, productivity and all-day wearer comfort.

Level dependent noise-attenuating communications headsets allows you  to clearly and comfortably communicate with coworkers over extended distances of up to 2000 metres, hear ambient sounds such as conversations and warning signals, while at the same time blocking high impact industrial noise that may be harmful to your hearing. 

Headset communication technology has come a long way in recent years and are ideal for use in a wide variety of industrial applications to improve site safety, facilitate site activities and conserve your hearing.

3M™ Peltor™ Communication Headsets can help solve two critical problems of noisy environments; providing hearing protection and enabling effective communication.

3M™’s Peltor™ LiteCom™ Pro II 2-Way Radio Headset makes it easy to communicate in high noise environments while helping to protect workers from hazardous sounds. It’s an intrinsically safe UHF radio headset that is frequency programmable (450 – 520MHz), making it ideal for manufacturing, oil and gas environments, as well as assembly line work.

Being Intrinsically Safe, 3M™ Peltor™ LiteCom™ Pro II Headsets are approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with the ATEX directive and the IECEx scheme for both gas dust and underground mining and meet the requirements AS/NZS 1270 of hearing protectors for Class 5 (SLC80 26dB and above).