OspreyDeepclean steam cleaning tech in healthcare environment

Supplier: Applied Cleansing Solutions
16 July, 2012

OspreyDeepclean has developed a Dry Steam Vapour (DSV) cleaning technology for the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices such as patient beds and mattresses typically found in healthcare environments.

The technology is based on the application of controlled superheated dry steam vapour by purpose-designed steam vapour delivery tools.

In close cooperation between TNO, UCLH and OspreyDeepclean design engineers, a study was designed to investigate and validate the safety, suitability and efficacy of the system in the daily and periodic cleaning practice within a hospital environment.

The study focussed on the efficacy and removal of bio-film and microbiological decontamination of the 'risk' contact surfaces for patients and clinical staff in a hospital environment.

The definition of cleaning / disinfection performance, within the context of the study, is stated as the successful removal of measured contaminants from the target surfaces using a combination of steam vapour and mechanical cleaning methods.

Cleaning and decontamination is achieved through vapour penetration, soil release and physical removal by vacuum extraction and or micro-fibre absorption. In some instances thermal disinfection and elimination of susceptible micro-organisms was achieved.

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