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Payment Management Software

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Looking to reduce invoice aging by easily adding credit card acceptance?

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Want to eliminate time spent rekeying credit-card payments? Want to add more payment options without adding more work? Studies show that effective and active payment management can yield cost savings and sales conversion equal to 5-8% of revenue or more.

NetSuite SuitePayments is the smart way to meet all of your payment processing needs directly from within NetSuite. Whether you're taking payments through online self-checkout or for the settlement of an outstanding invoice, with SuitePayments, you can accommodate all of your customers' preferences. And because it seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, you get updated accounts, inventories and customer records in real time.

A powerful tool in your financials strategy, SuitePayments is a complete payment management solution that supports the most payment options, helps control fraud and liability, and delivers powerful reconciliation capabilities—all with the seamless integration you've come to expect from NetSuite.


  • Make it easier for customers to do business with you by accepting a variety of payment options
  • Unlock productivity by streamlining order-to-cash and cash-to-reconciliation processes
  • Simplify your financial operations with a single system and single set of records for all payment processing, whether web order, phone order, cash sale or invoice payment
  • Improve cash flow and shorten time to payment with cost-effective credit card, business card and purchasing card acceptance.


Credit Card Acceptance Made Easy

  • Support all major credit and debit cards
  • Provide full support for ecommerce and off-line processing
  • Easily implement complete solutions that include merchant account services and pre-integrated payment gateways from NetSuite-preferred vendors
  • Deliver feature-rich, cost-effective payment processing
  • Reduce payment hassles with capabilities such as real-time online merchant account reporting, month-end fees assessment and more.

Make Payment Acceptance More Efficient

  • Streamline and integrate your order-to-payment and payment-to-reconciliation processes
  • Accept a credit card to settle an invoice
  • Allow your customers to pay their invoices online, for self-service payments
  • Set default payment preferences and custom pricing for your customers
  • Eliminate the need for double-entry of order data and resulting errors
  • Safely store credit card numbers for fast refunds and re-billing requirements

Increase Your Sales by Offering a Variety of Payment Methods

  • Include PayPal and Google Checkout in your Web store
  • Sell in your customers' local currency
  • Support many regional credit and debit card types
  • Accept coupons and gift certificates
  • Shorten payment times and reduce late payments
  • Improve cash flow with customer discounts or credit card acceptance.

Get Safe and Secure Processing

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're in full PCI compliance
  • Leverage sophisticated credit card fraud prevention tools, including Address Verification, Card Security Verification, Payer Authentication, shopper registration, password protection and more
  • Provide employee access restrictions, credit card number encryption and masking.

Tailor Credit Card Processing Features for Your Business Model

  • Assign a dynamic "Merchant Name" to distinguish brands or wholesale versus retail
  • Serve your geographical markets with multi-currency and multi-site capabilities
  • Provide real-time authorize and capture for subscription payments, online downloads and more
  • Pre-authorize physical goods, drop-shipments and manufacturing
  • Offer recurring and installment billing, split payments and partial payments
  • Leverage additional levels of fraud protection tools.

Cut Credit Card Processing Costs

  • Deliver "smart" payments by ensuring that your processing meets the most up-to-date requirements and cost-savings options
  • Ensure compliance with online credit card processing rules like AVS
  • Take advantage of the most beneficial business and purchasing card processing rates
  • Eliminate credit card terminal maintenance or up-grade costs.