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Perma Australia

HTL Perma Australia Pty Ltd is dedicated to improving the lubrication of bearings and chains via the correct application of automatic lubrication systems. Through competent recommendations and technical advice we add value to mining and manufacturing operations which seek to:

Improve equipment reliability, Increase asset utilisation, Reduce maintenance costs, Improve safety performance, & Reduce demand on manual labor
The perma product range includes single point and multi-point systems.

This site provides you with information about our product range, application examples and presents the case for lubrication automation.

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HTL perma Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of perma-tec GmbH in Germany. perma-tec GmbH is the German based manufacturer of perma single point lubricators and multiple point lubrication systems.

HTL perma Australia is dedicated to providing reliable lubrication solutions and the implementation of practical bearing contamination prevention systems. With National representation, and a well developed distributor network, HTL perma Australia are leaders in the market for single point automatic lubricators in the Oceania region.

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