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Precision Plating

Precision Plating | Industrial Electroplating and Metal Polishing

Precision Plating

Precision Plating was established in 1973 and has over 35 years experience in the electroplating industry.

We specialise in high quality finishes for a diverse range of clientele from the plumbing, hardware, automotive and jewellery industries to name a few. In choosing Precision Plating, you have access to the largest range of decorative plating finishes in Australia.

We have 3 main plating plants, a metal polishing shop and an in-house laboratory making us the one-stop shop when it comes to decorative metal finishing.

Precision Plating maintains ISO9001:2008 accreditation and are heavily involved with the AISF (Australian Institute of Surface Finishing).

The Precision Plating team have an abundance of experience in the electroplating industry and with our expert consultation, you can be confident to get your project right the first time.

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The electroplating process enhances the appearance and adds to the durability of parts, increasing their longevity. The process involves many hazardous and dangerous chemicals, which must be treated.

Precision Plating has invested in an advanced treatment plant to protect our environment. Discharge from our membrane water purification plant is well below the strict requirements demanded by Australian Regulations. Water usage is also kept to a minimum through the use of this technology.

Strict maintenance procedures, routine analysis and experienced staff guarantee that we continue to provide a safer environment to live in for the future.

Precision Plating has been actively involved in many environmental initiatives through EPA Victoria and the water retailers. These include receiving a Certificate of Recognition in Resource Efficiency by the Metal Finishing Industry Program, in the Identification and Development of Prescribed Industrial Waste Reduction Opportunities Project.

We also conduct feasibility studies into the recovery and reuse of chemicals whilst maintaining strong involvement with the Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing on environmental issues and cleaner production methods

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