Premium QPR cold asphalt for sealed runway repairs

Supplier: Road Construction Products By: © Earthco Projects
29 June, 2016

Pothole season is now running at a peak in many areas around Australia, increasing the demand for a rapid solution to repair potholes and damage caused to asphalt and concrete paved areas.

For a permanent repair to stop any problems degrading further due to water and traffic damage, the answer is QPR premium industrial grade cold asphalt.

Delivered in pallet loads of 15Kg bags and pails or 1 ton bulk bags, QPR is ideal for rapid repairs on runways, aprons and taxiways or anywhere there is a pothole or damage to existing asphalt or concrete pavements.

Quick, simple and easy to use, QPR requires minimal preparation and stays put for a permanent repair in any weather. 

Can be used in water-filled holes and at any temperature.

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