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Pro-Visual Publishing

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Pro-Visual Publishing

Pro-Visual Publishing is the leading specialist in wall-mounted workplace health and safety, food safety and hygiene, and wellbeing information resource guides. Growing its industry base steadily for 20 years, Pro-Visual Publishing prides itself on a portfolio of over 40 industry-specific information resource guides for Australia and New Zealand.

At Pro-Visual Publishing we are committed to providing up-to-date information that is relevant and specifically targeted to each industry we service. This means addressing day-to-day hazards, preventative action, guidelines and providing contact details for further information.

Inspired by the growing popularity of Augmented Reality (AR), Pro-Visual Publishing has incorporated this exciting technology into their guides to produce something truly extraordinary. As each AR-capable guide is rolled out, users from a multitude of industries will be able to engage in a dynamic and interactive way.

For further information, please visit or contact us at [email protected]

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"Leading the world in Health, Safety and Wellbeing Information."

To bring industry, business and community together in order to protect, educate and encourage health, safety and wellbeing standards throughout the world.

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