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ProDetec | Fire & Gas Detection; Spark & Hot Ember Detection


ProDetec represents Simtronics Fire & Gas (previously known as Simrad Optronics), Firefly, IRMACO Group (StuvEx, ISMA & Pagg). Water Mist Engineering (WME), ETech, Fireater, Groveley Detection and Technor which are some of the most respected names in their industries. Our association with these leading companies puts ProDetec in a special category making us a specialised Engineering Sales & Service Company able to offer comprehensive solutions for Fire & Gas Detection and control, Spark & Hot Particles Detection and suppression, Hazardous Dust Explosion Prevention and Suppression. We also supply Nitrogen Generation Packages, Gas Detection Sampling Systems, Calibration & Scientific Gas as well as customised Flammable and Toxic Gas detection.

ProDetec Fire & Gas Division can offer our customers complete detection, control & suppression solutions for the most difficult and challenging of applications. Our extensive range of IR gas & Multispectrum Flame Detectors, conventional and addressable Systems allows us to tailor a solution suitable for the various applications. Our Explosion Prevention & Suppression package for Hazardous & Explosive dust comprises state of the art technologies and systems from around the world however with local approvals. We can help with the design and implementation of various systems for protection against dust explosions.

ProDetec Engineers and key personnel have years of experience in supplying and servicing Safety Systems. We add value with quality, knowledgeable assistance upfront and continued after sales service whenever needed. We offer commissioning, field service, and after sales support from a fully equipped workshop in Sydney or visiting your site by one of our factory trained and accredited service engineers.

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ProDetec ™ is a specialised Fire & Gas and Hazardous Dust Explosion Protection Engineering Sales & Service Company providing innovating reliable solutions to the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Food, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment and many other industries across Australia and New Zealand.

Our systems and equipment have been widely used by major Oil & Gas operators and manufacturers since the 1990’s (in both Australia & New Zealand). We have hundreds of installation references and a long list of success stories where we are providing reliable systems for the protection of personnel, machinery and property that we are happy to share with you.

Our gas detectors are the only the market that do not require calibration or recalibration during their lifetime. This is backed by a five years full warranty on the detectors which includes parts and labour. We are also proud to offer Simtronics extended 15 years warranty on the detector IR sources.

Our MultiSpectrum IR flame detectors have unique features not available from other manufacturers. They can interfaced with remotely via a wireless remote controller (Intrinsically Safe). They can also be tested with a Hazardous Area certified Test Lamp.

Our Spark and Hot Ember detectors are unique in their design. We have detectors to detect radiant energy from 400C or even 250C. Our high pressure water mist suppression uses very little water that will allow process to continue in most applications.

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