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A variety of specialty pull equipment is now available from Field Machine Tools.

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MSP-100 Universal Manual Spear Puller

Deliver easy and economical way for tube removal. ?

  • Easy to use by inserting the spear into the tube and removing required just a hand wrench or our universal retched handle design for this operation (the drive handle it’s a separate item and must be ordered separately). ?
  • No external power required. ? 
  • Durable - All parts made out of high strength steel and are heat treaded. ?
  • Only one tool body required to cover the range form 1/2” to 1”. Required only spears and nose pieces.

Tube Puller Pump

Our Hydraulic Pumps have been designed to exacting standards to provide the maximum productivity from a lightweight pump, specifically designed for tough tube pulling Applications.

Standard features: 

  • Two Speed Pump for High Performance
  • Light Weight and Portable
  • Safe Cage as Standard
  • 10 ft. Remote Pendant
  • 2-1/2 Gallon (9,5 liter) Metal Reservoir
  • Large Pressure Gauge

Super Jenny Hydraulic Semi-Automatic Tube Puller

Our Super Jenny Series of Hydraulic Semi-Automatic Tube Pullers, allows the user to continuously pull tubes through heat exchangers, condensers and boilers, without the use of hammers or winches etc. The key to our system is the OD gripping jaw that will pull the tube as the operator actuates the ram. To release the jaw, the operator simply inserts the jaw release tool and the tube becomes free to be pulled by hand, or the ram is returned against the tube sheet to take another stroke.

All of our pulling heads work in conjunction with our specially designed high flow electric or pneumatic power packs (see page ? for details) The three pulling head series, allows the user, the flexibility of removing tubes from 3/8” – 2” OD through the ram with 4” OD stub pulling capability.

Our smallest, the “Mini-Jenny”, has been specifically designed for chiller and condenser work. Weighing in at just 18 lbs. (6 kg), this 10-ton capacity ram can pull up to 1” OD tubes. With a 3” stroke, this unit is exceptionally quick, and is ideal for tight access applications. Our 30-ton “Super-Jenny” is the workhorse of our industry.

Available with either a 3” or 6” stroke, this tool is capable of pulling 5/8” – 1-1/4” tubes continuously. It can even pull up to 3” stubs in specific applications. Our 60-ton “Super- Jenny” has been designed to pull tubes in the toughest applications. As standard, the unit can pull 1 ½”-2” tubes. As a special, an adapter is offered which will allow the operator to pull smaller diameter tubes with up to 60 tons of pulling force.

For example, a tube extraction of 1 ¼” x 10 BWG with a 7” tube sheet was noted to pull at 52 tons of pulling force.

HPR-30 Tube Puller

Our model HPR-30 is a Heavy duty, 30 Ton Pulling Ram. This tool has been engineered with a 6’’ Pull Stoke for tough tube removal applications. It is fitted with flush face, nondrip, couplings and its own custom suspension and handling bracket. In conjunction with our Double Pull Adaptor, this Puller has the captivity to pull the tube 9’’ from the tube sheet, (see Pulling Spear Selection)


Pulling Equipment