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Pulse Logistics Systems

At PULSE the design, development and implementation of advanced Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems has been our singular focus since the early 1990s.

Over time, we have come to intimately understand the problems that confront the logistics sector and have developed a reputation for delivering effective, accurate and integrated logistics solutions systems to help meet those challenges.

Our Logistics and IT Specialist teams have decades of highly relevant hands-on experience. All have worked on many supply chain management solution implementations. All undergo continual ongoing training. And all are fully conversant with the capabilities and deployment of the latest materials handling and IT technologies such as Voice and RFID. They are also the personnel who meticulously ensure that the implementation of any PULSE solution will be completed on time, on budget and to full specification.

Two essential elements that underscore the design of all PULSE solutions are what we term integration and scalability.

The first of these means that when a client implements a new SCM application, they will know that this will seamlessly integrate with all the other IT systems that are already in use. Be those general business or ERP software packages or other logistics-specific computer tools. Because of this, users are able to reduce installation times to an absolute minimum, the process of cutting across to the new solution is greatly simplified and the investment in current systems is protected.

Such investment protection is also pivotal to the scalability of the PULSE product family. Here, our view that a user should only have to make a financial commitment today to the facilities and features that they need today. Equally, however, they should also be assured that their system can evolve over time.

At Pulse we are a true one stop shop. We develop sell and implement the software as well as the RF infrastructure that supports our solutions.

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Real life and well documented user experience, demonstrates that among the very real user benefits that the PULSE Warehouse Management System delivers are:
• Reductions in inventory levels of up to 15%.
• Increases in warehouse productivity of 30% or more.
• Vastly increased customer service levels.
• Reductions in warehouse space requirements by 10-30%.
• Reductions in warehouse error rates to 0.1% or less.
• Effective and totally up to the moment control of all raw materials, components, WIP and finished goods stocks in the manufacturing environment.

E-Commerce, B2B, and B2C are all applicable descriptions of e.PULSE. Simply put, e.PULSE is an enabling technology to provide your trading partners with 24x7 visibilility via a web browser into your systems that allows them to interact with your company over the internet.

PULSE.3PL potently helps the 3PL operator:
* Achieve substantial operating cost savings.
* Deliver maximum client service through rapid order turnaround times and error free performance.
* Integrate with your clients IT systems.
* Cater for clients’ fast growing e-business logistics requirements.
* Maintain higher client retention levels.
* Provide a greater range of revenue earning value added services – such as bill of materials handling and kitting work for clients.
* Streamlining administration – including automated quotation preparation and automated and fully detailed client billing/invoicing.

Exchanging real time data over high speed Wireless Wide Area Networks is now faster and cheaper, subsequently the thirst to access data ‘anywhere’ via mobile applications has exploded. Many of us have signed on the screen of a courier’s mobile computer to (electronically) confirm receipt of a parcel or ordered a meal via our waiters PDA. Like the mobile phone, the internet and ATM's, mobility solutions are becoming a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. The revolution is here now and Pulse can help your team get mobile.

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