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QLD Water Solutions

QLD Water Solutions | Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

QLD Water Solutions

Queensland Water Solutions is a fully Australian owned and operated business which services the Potable Water Treatment, the Industrial Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Sectors Australia Wide. It can also provide solutions for most water quality management issues. QWS can give farming communities, cattle stations and remote communities access to clean drinking water at very low cost.

Queensland Water Solutions supplies a comprehensive range of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water treatment solutions including Pump & Drink Units, Water conditioning, Micro and Ultrafiltration units for Resorts, Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centres, Office Buildings. It also supplies Commercial Transportable Sewage Treatment System (WWTP) and Chemical Free Water Conditioning systems, both available to purchase outright or under a rental agreement. It also supplies Point of Use Antilegionnella filters for Hospitals & Health Care Facilities.

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