At Allplastics, we are receiving many positive comments on our DONCHAMP® Splash cast acrylic block panels, a specially developed acrylic grade that is used for quality pool window applications.

The key features of DONCHAMP® such as exceptional strength, high mechanical properties and surface hardness makes it a great alternative to glass. This makes it easy to clean and maintain swimming pool walls, windows and wet edges. One of our customers Leon Jankelowitz commented “Allplastics suggested using thick acrylic sheets instead of glass, we went ahead and found their knowledge, product range and expertise to be invaluable. Within a few days, our windows were cut to size and delivered.”

Earlier last year the owner of Sierra Escape in Mudgee, Cameron D’Arcy also praised the Clear Pool Panel “More than satisfied with the look and performance of the DONCHAMP® for infinity pool.”

This panel is highly weather resistant, simple to fabricate (cut, bend & polish) and has great clarity and optical properties. Its unique manufacturing process makes DONCHAMP® Splash one of the highest transparent substrate with a surface hardness, enabling ease of use in numerous commercial, residential and high traffic applications.

DONCHAMP® also provide 30-year clear cast acrylic warranty assuring that sunlight will not visibly affect the appearance of the product. It will retain its brilliance and will not yellow over a period of 30 years or longer.

Availability of DONCHAMP® Acrylic:


  • 9300 x 3000
  • 7800 x 3000
  • 7300 x 3000
  • 6800 x 3000
  • 6300 x 2800
  • 6100 x 2900
  • 5300 x 2800
  • 5020 x 2200
  • 4900 x 2500
  • 4900 x 2500
  • 4800 x 2900
  • 3970 x 1970
  • 3000 x 2000 (lower thickness range)
  • 2440 x 1220 (lower thickness range)


Thickness (mm): 30mm - 750mm (thinner gauges also available).

We provide Cut-to-Size and Shape Service for all materials

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