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Reduce costs with an ultrasonic leak detection audit

Supplier: Air Energy
05 September, 2014

Air Energy were recently asked to provide a comprehensive ultrasonic leak detection report for a large cable manufacturer who were concerned to reduce their costs.

The total air leak loss across the site was 97 m³/hr. Small leaks (<1 m³/hr) were not included in this stage of the survey. 
Each leak was pinpointed, measured and prioritised. Air Energy also uncovered sections of industrial pipework that urgently needed replacement, the manufacturing plant averted OH&S issues and loss in production time.
The leak detection audit conducted identified an annual cost saving from 36 detected air leaks across the clients 2 manufacturing buildings to a total saving of $11,894 per year.

Start savinng your money and contact us to provide you with an ultrasonic leak detection audit.