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Rework Station | PC Controlled | Martin - Model No. Auto Vision Expert 09.5

Supplier: Re-Surface Technologies

Revolutionary in Rework

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Clear and practical with effective design

The expectations for PC controlled rework have evolved and not only because of the introduction of lead free technology. Besides being able to trust the reliability of the processes, a rework station has to function intuitively without difficult procedures.

The new series Expert 09.5 concentrates on the essentials. Even demanding processes become easily managed tasks. The result of experience gained throughout the world and over decades - revolutionary in rework.

Future proof and faultless: The AVP

Placement systems usually rely on split field technology, but there is a problem: the accuracy is only make believe! Alignment depends completely on the complex calibration of optical mirrors and the final placement has to be done 'blind'.

The patented Auto Vision technology from MARTIN starts here. From the start to the finish the camera observes and precisely controls the placement. The precision is only dependent on the faultless resolution of the camera.

Flexibility in application


Precision Hot Air plus Rapid IR

Zero Risk Rework heating technology is based on established laws of physics, which have to be followed ever more closely for today's extremely tight process windows.

During soldering, the patented Precision Hot Air for precise rework on the topside is successfully combined with the Rapid IR underheating to provide background heat for the whole of the underside of the PCB.

This guarantees reliable rework.

For all PCBs and all SMDs

The Rework Station | PC Controlled | Martin - Model No. Auto Vision Expert 09.5 is suitable for PCB dimensions from just a few mm to 600mm. This is possible because of the flexible PCB supports, an adjustable Area Underheater IRF or the use of a small IR heater.

Adjusting the workstation to any imaginable component size or shape can be achieved within a few seconds. All that might have to be changed are the placement nozzle, soldering tool and possibly the lens.