Road construction and maintenance innovation from Australia

Supplier: Road Construction Products
01 May, 2013

The current environment is unpredictable. The weather is fluctuating between heavy rains and dry days and the September Federal election is rendering future road and infrastructure funding uncertain.

Sourcing gravel, increasing haulage costs, the cost of purchasing raw material and other stabilising expenses are causing nightmares for local and state government authorities while managing road maintenance and construction. In this environment road standards begin to deteriorate and sustaining quality maintenance is difficult and is often required more and more frequently.

Tough times call for innovation. Pioneering local and state government departments are resolving these issues by using PolyCom Stabilising Aid: an effective, easy-to-use alternative to traditional stabilising methods. 

Road builders can use sub-standard materials already available on site by adding PolyCom to substantially improve the material's workability. When using in-situ materials there is a drastic reduction in the need to find and import new materials. Ongoing results show that maintenance intervention can be reduced by at least four times. Councils can cover greater areas of their road networks and reap significant cost savings.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is also an innovation in safety. Slipperiness, corrugation, rutting and potholes in running surfaces of sealed and unsealed roads are substantially reduced leaving a smooth and stable running surface for cars, trucks and their drivers.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is environmentally sustainable and non-toxic. For more information on PolyCom Stabilising Aid please go to: Road maker website. 


Diamonds in the dirt revealed with PolyCom