New from Pack King. Announcing the Roll / Reel pick up device that is used in conjunction with the Powered Floor Crane or can be purchased separately for use with any hoist.

Currently the pick up mandrel is suited to approx. 75mm diameter cores, but can be made to order for any core sizes and lengths.

Simply lower the mandrel into the core, then twist the wheel to expand the mandrel, where four rubber rings bite into the core to enable the hoist to raise the reel or roll securely.

Unhitching is simply twisting the wheel anti-clockwise to release the core.

A very simple and quick solution to lifting any item with a core or hard centre.

The Pack King Powered Floor Crane is ideal for the job, as it can be driven by any person – without a

licence. The crane reaches over any pallet to get to any roll. The mandrel is then simply lowered into the roll core, secured, raised, and taken to any point, or loaded into any machine.

No hydraulics, electrics or air required. No maintenance needed. No experience required.

Contact Pack King for further information on this or any of the Powered Floor Crane attachments available,

Such as drum lifter / rotators; spreader bars; vacuum lifts; plate grabs; magnets, and much more.

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