Specialist doors for Waste to Energy plants

The DMF range of specialist rapid roll, Efaflex, and fold up doors offer a unique solution for industries that handle the increasing need of waste handling and processing.

The waste recycling plants and FOGO processing (food organic garden organic) industries are rapidly expanding in Australia, and this growth is also being experienced by the Waste to Energy (W2E) industry. These processing plants are becoming more sophisticated, and the control of air pollution and noise is very important, as these plants are usually in close proximity to built up areas. This is where DMF has been able to assist, by supplying specialist doors that are designed for

  • high frequency of use
  • efficient sealing of the doorway against the dust and odours.
  • Insulated for noise control
  • Manufactured in long lasting materials such as stainless steel
  • Very large doorway sizes


For the latest project in WA, DMF were able to custom design a solution using a custom door structure fully manufactured in stainless steel grade 304, combined with a PVC fold up door blade providing high wind capacity, and automated activation via the control room. The Aluflex SS304 Fold Up doors were manufactured in Turkey, under DMF’s design criteria, under full international quality control for delivery into Perth in readiness for the installation. This door model operates at 0.5 m/sec opening and closing, and functions by a vertical folding action, with the bottom rail being lifted by a series of concealed cables. This model included full safety provisions, with anti crash down of the panel in case of cable failure, and PE light sensors to prevent the door from closing if any traffic type, or items are within the doorway.

The photo shows a similar plant using the same door models in an identical W2E application in Istanbul.

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