Corrosion Resistant Roller Doors Installed in Waste Processing Plants

Elf Farms in Sydney recently came to us for help; they needed high speed roller door systems that could resist corrosion caused by gases produced in their waste facility.

ELF farms process compost waste for mushroom farms.  This process gives off a very corrosive gas, being Ammonium Nitrate which attacks most metals and alloys. DMF custom designed high speed doors constructed fully in 304 stainless steel. High performance stainless steel motors were employed, and the panel made from an extremely durable Duraskin PVC.

The doors will function to maintain a tight seal against loss of fumes from the processing plants, allowing front end loader access by remote activation. The doors sealed the openings to offer the best control against loss of contaminated fumes, that could then be directed back through the filtering process. The high speed doors ensured this function worked to the optimum performance.

If you would like to know more about how our products can withstand harsh environments or in waste processing plants please call or email for more information. 


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