With opening and closing speeds of over 2.0m/s, DMF International have a selection of high speed automatic roller doors which provide efficient solutions for your busy doorways.

DMF International has been manufacturing and supplying high speed industrial rapid roll doors for over 30 years, and our range of doors and optional door controls can be selected to meet very specific requirements. There are many factors to consider when selecting your rapid roller door, these include

  • purpose of the door eg temperature, dust or vermin control
  • size requirements,
  • speed of operation
  • frequency of traffic flow
  • exposure to wind pressure

to name a few.

Our most popular Series RL3000 rapid roll door is custom manufactured in our Sydney facility to your exacting needs.

Your DMF representative is well trained to evaluate your specific needs and can recommend the best option for you, based on years of expertise.

DMF is a Sydney based and distributes Australia wide through trained partners, and further exports to NZ, SE Asia, and as far as the UAE.

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