A high speed door solution for noise and overspray for carwashes

The challenge with automatic carwashes is the noise and overspray that can occur. DMF have the solution with the Series RL3000E High Speed Rapid Roll door.

Carwashes are more popular throughout Australia and NZ, and are facing more stringent requirements for the control of

  • noise and
  • over spray control.

DMF International have been manufacturing and installing specialty high speed doors for carwash applications for over 20 years.

With the optional door panels in either clear flexible PVC, coloured 900gsm panel, or an acoustic door blade, the noise and over spray is greatly minimised, meaning less complaints to carwash operators from local residences.

The DMF Series RL3000E Rapid Roll Door is custom manufactured to size in their Sydney based factory, and comes with a dedicated HMI or SERVO controller that is integrated with the carwash system, programmed so that the door automatically closes prior to the auto carwash starting. The door then automatically re-opens at the completion of the wash cycle.

The RL3000E door is fabricated using

  • Anodised aluminum column sections, which may also be powdercoated, and with stainless steel fixtures, that can be installed internally or externally to the carwash.
  • Stainless steel fixtures
  • Flexible PVC door curtain in solid colour or all clear panel
  • Efficient drive system with encoder positioning

The safety of this door is enhanced by photo electric light beams and also comes with the option of a pressure sensitive lower bar.

This high speed door model is not limited to just carwash applications, and can be used in all sorts of applications including pharmaceutical production, warehouses, docks, manufacturing and processing areas to name a few.

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