The requirement for reliable specialised high speed doors for clean room applications, such as pharmaceutical, medicine, and biotech manufacturing industries is increasing. DMF has the answer.

Specifying the correct door type and brand is very important in the clean room design, and the EFAFLEX CleanRoom CR Series of high speed doors by DMF, via their principle EFAFLEX, offer a very sophisticated door type for these controlled production environments.

The Efaflex CR door was the selected model for a large project for Sydney based, international pharmaceutical manufacturer, working towards Covid19 solutions.
The CR Series clean room door from EFAFLEX, was selected due to features, such as . . .

  • Custom made to size to suit
  • Fully Stainless steel 304 with the powdercoated finishes available 
  • Ideal door systems for clean rooms for Class 6 or Class 5
  • High speed performance ensuring minimal air contamination for high traffic flow
  • Integral door controls and integrated safety sensors
  • Smooth polished surface finish, minimising dust settle
  • Low measured airloss over various air pressures up to 50Pa 
  • Improves life of Hepa filtration

In addition to their suitability for clean rooms, the CR door model, offers a considerable number of advantages. As with all EFAFLEX high-speed doors, they reduce noise levels, prevent draught and help save energy with improved efficiency due to their fast opening and closing speeds.

DMF have partnered with Efaflex Gmbh Australia wide for over 12 years, and can supply, install and service all models.

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