Conveyors often require well sealed hatches to allow the movement of product to pass through sequentially. DMF can provide the solution using small high speed roll doors.

DMF International are specialists in rapid roller door applications, and have completed a number of projects recently which required high speed doors fitted onto hatches and small openings for conveyor systems. Where there is a need for

  • control of dust
  • temperature
  • access
  • product control sequencing

between working areas, a rapid roll door can be a very efficient solution.

The doors can be integrated with the conveyor control, allowing the movement of stock items to be fully automated, and therefore minimising any losses of the protected atmosphere. The activation can be achieved using either Photo Electric position sensors to determine pallet or stock locations, or other forms of proximity or logic controls that operate the door in succession with the moving stock. This system can also be employed for lifts and palletisers, creating not only climate control, but also improved safety by the fast action of the roll door preventing worker access to the palletiser area during operation. This latest project DMF completed required a series of rapid hatch doors to allow movement of printing materials into a sensitive zone for processing. The DMF RL3000 Rapid Roll Door was perfect for the application, with a total of 7 units being supplied to design requirements.

Being an Australian manufacturer of the high speed roll doors, we could meet the specification after close consultation with the design team.

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