High Speed Carpark Doors for Commercial and Residential Buildings

A challenge faced by many building managers is the security of their carparks, as boom gates or slow action sectional doors do not provide the level of security required. DMF has a solution.

DMF have the solution. Commonly used in carparks for access control, our Efaflex High Speed Doors can be custom made to suit most applications of carparks and vehicle thoroughfare

Operating at up to 2.5m/sec, the Efaflex high speed door is a very impressive door, in respect to efficiency, high frequency of use, and excellent reliability.

Most roller shutters and sectional doors for carparks are very slow in operation, and cannot tolerate a high frequency of use. The DMF Efaflex door is specifically designed for this application, suitable for up to 250,000 cycles pa.

The door blades can be constructed using extruded aluminium, or acrylic glass / see-through polycarbonate finish, however, the more popular selection is the use of the ventilation door blade. This is constructed from punched sheet aluminium, and so still provides a high level of security, while allowing the required draft for fume control.

DMF have many satisfied customers of this product type, with proven results for clients such as Newcastle Courthouse, Balmain Shores, Parkview Towers, and even jails.

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