High speed wind resistance doors installed at Barangaroo development

Barangaroo is located on the north western side of the Sydney CBD, and required high speed doors as part of the ground cleanup, in readiness for development.

The area is a former industrial site, and there remains contamination from the old Millers Point Gasworks and from landfill. The Barangaroo Delivery Authority is cleaning up this historic contamination on behalf of the NSW Government, and as part of this involved process, large temporary shelters have been constructed to contain the soil being excavated and transported for treatment.

The challenge

Road trucks would have to enter these large tent like enclosures to be loaded with the contaminated soil, and with no threat of the soil being released into the atmosphere.

The external doors were required to

  • withstand high winds
  • needed to operate at opening and closing speeds at in excess of 1m/sec.
  • have full safety sensors
  • Tolerate a dusty work place

The Solution

DMF supplied a series of large high speed automated doors to create an airlock function to ensure the environmental protection.

The Efaflex high speed door was the perfect solution. The doors are designed for high frequency of use, in either commercial or heavy industrial applications, and include sophisticated safety sensors.

The external doors were specified to withstand up to 150km/h winds, with custom made sizes up to 6mH x 7.5W. and with operating speeds at opening and closing speeds at in excess of 1m/sec.

DMF have been an appointed partner for Efaflex high speed doors Australia wide for 15 years and can provide service in all states. Contact us to learn more.

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