Mine sites are a very demanding application, and DMF are proud to have supplied high speed rapid roll doors for some of BHP's remotes site in Australia

DMF have recently completed a project for the big Australian company BHP, at one of their large mine sites in South Australia. The project required supplying and overseeing 8 units of Efaflex high speed spiral roll doors, and after design consultations, the model selected was the Efaflex STR. These doors featured . . .

  • 6m high and 6-7m on width
  • Fast door operation at over 1.5m/sec opening speed
  • High wind tolerance of over 100km/h
  • 900gsm flexible PVC panel, strengthened by closely spaced windbars
  • Full safety light curtain built into the door column
  • Activation by laser widescans, which also offer safety sensing.
  • The doors are complete with a unique Efatronic control system, being a simplified design with fully programmable features, allowing a single phase power source with VSD control, providing soft start / stop operation of the door.

DMF worked closely with the design team, head contractor, and BHP to provide a durable product suited to the harsh conditions. These high speed doors are recognised by many globally as the premium high speed roll door, and are manufactured in Germany by Efaflex Gmbh, under specification by DMF. DMF have been in partnership with Efaflex for nearly 15 years.

The doors were installed by the head contractor, with the oversight of DMF engineering to final commissioning.

This is now the 3rd mine site operated by BHP that DMF have supplied the Efaflex high speed doors to. DMF have enjoyed the success of many other projects around Australia, installing and maintaining the Efaflex doors, and DMF manufactured rapid roller doors.

For more information, contact DMF via www.dmf.com.au.

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