Fold up doors stand up to strong winds in Sydney

DMF supplied and installed some large fold up doors for a client in Sydney recently where the openings were 6000H x 9600W and faced strong winds.

DMF's new product to add to their range of PVC and high speed roller doors, is the new Aluflex fold up door. Able to be custom manufactured up to 120m square opening size, this door can tolerate up to 120km/h winds. The panel is a dual layer PVC panels with windbeams separating the panel to provide the high wind capacity. The operation speed is about 0.5m/sec, and the doors do not require any horizontal head support due to a truss structure as part of the design.

Installed and fully serviced by DMF, these doors are custom manufactured to size and feature, and include a range of safety and activation sensors.

DMF have installed these doros in facilities such as

  • Waste management and W2E Waste to Energy plants
  • Grain facilities
  • Steelworks
  • Flour mills
  • Loading docks

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