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Ross Brown Sales

Ross Brown Sales | Pressure & Temperature, Measurement & Calibration

Ross Brown Sales

Ross Brown Sales have specialised in Temperature and Pressure products for nearly fifty years, during which we have become one of Australia’s leading suppliers of pressure and temperature gauges.

We stock a very comprehensive range of gauges from 40mm diameter industrial to 160mm diameter fully stainless steel process gauges. Our stock pressure ranges cover vacuum to pressure from 0-2.5kPa to 160,000kPa.

Specialist gauge services include:
- Calibration of pressure gauges by our NATA accredited pressure laboratory.
- Providing and fitting special gauge dials.
- Fitting, filling and testing isolating diaphragm seals to pressure gauges

Our temperature products include a large range of Bi-metallic thermometers from 80mm to 125mm diameter, digital thermometers and glass thermometers. Data loggers for pressure, temperature and humidity are also available.

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Ross Brown Sales specializes in temperature and pressure products, and is therefore in a position to offer our customers advice as to the correct product for their specific requirements.

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