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Rust Paint & Protection | Rusttech™

Supplier: SDI International

A fast acting, grease and tar removal that will not damage paint work.

Price Guide: POA

Available in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers

Range includes:

  • Paint Off
  • Paint Pre Wash
  • Rust Converter
  • Rust Dissolver Spray
  • Rust Rule

Paint Off

Paint Off is a blend of non toxic, glycol ethers and non ionic surfactants and has been formulated for the paint industry to remove unwanted paint. It is used to remove paint and emulsions from oversprays and splashes such as paint on windows.

Paint Pre Wash

Paint Pre Wash is an acqueous solution, low foaming, biodegradable, non ionic, surface acting agent. It has been formulated for the cleaning of painted surfaces in preparation for painting.

Rust Converter

Rusttech Rust Converter is formulated to convert rust into a useable form of metal. As a water-based product it is designed to penetrate the rust to the base metal and convert the rust to a stable iron tannate. Rusttech Rust Converter penetrates the rust and promotes a zinc coating at the base metal surface.

The product is fully biodegradable and contains no solvents or other harmful chemicals. Any product split on sound paintwork may be removed after drying by wiping with a damp cloth.

Rusttech Rust Converter is non hazardous, non toxic, non flammable and non corrosive.

Rust Dissolver Spray

Rusttech Rust Dissolver Spray is a specifically formulated product, designed to dissolve all forms of corrosion and rust without degrading the base metal. It can be used for de rusting and descaling of steel and aluminium, by spray method at ambient temperature. The object treated will have a grey coating and will not rust whilst in a protected area away from moisture. The object will rust if placed in rain or dew locations. When dry, can be painted or coated with Rusttech Rust Rule or fish oil.

Rust Rule

Rust Rule is a rust inhibitor with light dewatering properties. It is formulated to prevent metal components from rusting. Rust Rule will leave a grease-like film on the surface of metal after application. This grease like film will prevent moisture and oxygen from penetrating the metal surface. Rust Rule is for the engineering, automotive and marine trade where rust prevention is critical.

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