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Safe Storage of Chemicals, Waste Water and Other Liquids on Site

Supplier: Bushman Tanks
30 October, 2010

The safe storage of bulk chemicals, waste water and other liquids on site is critical to the efficient running of a mine as well as ensuring the safety of the site from both and environmental and OH&S perspective.

There are a wide range of safe storage options available and it is important that the right product is used for the right application.

The type of chemicals or liquids stored will determine the type of tank required and the fittings to fill and empty the tank as some products are corrosive to metal and others can react to plastics.

To select the right product there is a need to identify the chemical to be stored, its concentration and temperature and the amount of sediment and other material to be stored. Bushmans Industrial provides a chemical resistance chart which will help with your selection.

Waste water and water treatment is a critical to the safe operation of a mine and having the appropriate storage systems in place will provide a safe and cost effective way to manage your water coming into and out of the treatment plant.

There will with some chemicals which will need a bund around the storage tank and there are a number of ways of doing this. These include concrete bunding, specific bund for the tanks or a self bunded tank. The solution will depend on the requirements for the individual application.

The key issues to consider in selecting the appropriate storage tank are;

  • Size of tank required
  • The chemical or liquid to be stored and the concentration of the various chemicals
  • The temperature of the product to be stored
  • The location of the tanks on site
  • The way the tank is to be filled and emptied
  • Other requirements such as breathing and fumes.

Bushmans use advanced polymer materials combined with the overall design provides the best chemical resistance, high impact resistance and long life in a range of conditions. The tanks are straight tanks with different ratings, bunds and self bunded tanks.

Bushmans has a wide range of industrial tanks and fittings and accessories to get the water or chemicals into and out of the tank. The range of fittings allows for the tank to be designed to the specific needs of the customer.

Please visit the Bushmans website for further information.

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